Book to Music Bridge Grades Pre K to 5

Designed to fit into one or two classroom periods. Lesson includes a book reading that culminates in song. Thematic presentation begins with an anticipatory set/discussion on the topic and may include a short video. Students are then engaged in ‘story time’ with a picture book. The lesson culminates in an introduction to folk instruments guitar or mandolin, and then children join in thematic song, both original and classic.

*Highly Engaging

*Differentiate Learning

*Authentic  and Memorable, you can hear a pin drop!

Songwriting Workshop

Group lesson that teaches the basic components of song writing, even very young children contribute lyrics and melodies to create one song of their own. This group activity can culminate in an ongoing songwriting project and potential performance, custom designed for each school. Highly inspiring and fun, music is demystified and accessable for all, while being introduced to music and instruments.

Anti Bullying and World Peace (includes world language and development)

Mathematics in Song

Folk Music

The Earth and Gardening

Food including the original song PIZZA



Open Mic Events for Teens

Songwriting Workshops for Teens

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