Deb and kids

Here what parents, teachers and students are saying!

“Deb has been a wonderful teacher and mentor for my teen daughter, who started playing guitar a year ago. She continuously gifts her with not only the skills to play her instrument, but also the enthusiasm and courage to perform in front of others. She provides just the right environment of nurturing and discipline for any kid to find their love of music and themselves.”   Julie Mother of Alex 13


“Deb is not just amazing to be around as an adult, but she is an absolute inspiration to my children. She treats them as if they are FAMILY! She has taught my children about music, art, kindness, nature, and so much more, but all in a way that they don’t even realize they are learning. She has this way about her that is so sweet and kind and fun, that my children just love to be around her. She has also helped encourage their self confidence! My daughter (8) doesn’t even think twice anymore about grabbing a tambourine and joining Deb on stage anytime she she’s her playing. My daughter is always welcomed with a huge hug and a heartfelt smile from Deb. My daughter also received her first guitar this Christmas thanks to Deb the musical spell that she has entranced my daughter with. Deb also helped teach my son (10) about nature, animals, campfires, gardening and responsibility and as a result, his grades and reading scores have also improved. We are truly blessed to have Deb in our lives. Not only is she beautiful soul but she is also one of the greatest, most generous and kind friends we as a family could ever ask for.” Amanda mother of Sarah 8 and Hunter 10


“My daughter has ADHD and mild Aspergers. It can be hard for her to focus. Deb is so patient, kind and supportive that my daughter loves going to music lessons! Deb has instilled a passion and love for music that will build over a lifetime, while working on important skills in a way that is leading to definite improvement in my daughter’s abilities. I am a very thankful Mom. So glad we found Deb. She’s a gift!”

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